Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Away from home on a little holiday this week, but have been into CEX and picked up Dead Or Alive 4 (360), Pursuit Force (PSP) and Spider-Man 3 (360). I was going to trade in Heatseeker (PSP) and Marvel Ultimate Alliance (Wii) but there was nothing else I wanted to pick up, so decided to hold onto them for the time being.

I've only tried Pursuit Force (for obvious reasons) and I quite like it but I'm already stuck on one of the first missions! Not sure how long I will persevere with it...

I've also been considering my PSP in general, again. For the first time today I've also been asking myself questions about my DS. I don't know whether I've been spoilt by the 360, but I am struggling to enjoy games on either of my handheld platforms. I think I've picked up too many games, for one reason or another, that aren't really my thing, which has in turn muddied my opinion of the machine as a whole. Maybe I just need a good clear out of the games I have and then I will be able to enjoy what's left a whole lot more.

But doing that is fraught with problems. Take Pokemon Diamond on the DS for instance. I've not played it at all, but Player Boy will be heartbroken if I decide to sell or trade it. He is convinced that some day I will get stuck into it and get my pokemon trained up to a high level and be able to take him on in a series of duels. Who knows, maybe I will? I think of the games I have I will keep this one in the collection.

After a quick look through the bag I've come up with the following candidates to sell/trade:

Resident Evil DS
Advance Wars Dark Conflict
Super Mario 64 DS
Advance Wars Dual Strike
Geometry Wars Galaxies

This still leaves me with 15 DS games, so there is the possibility of further trimming in the future. A quick glance at the titles left suggests another 4 or 5 that should consider themselves "at risk".

But if I trade these, what games should I be looking to pick up to reignite my passion for portable gaming? I think I need to concentrate on picking up the sort of titles that I would look to play on my PC or 360 rather than just those titles that are recommended as being perfect for the platform, e.g. Advance Wars.

I came very close this week to picking up Spider-Man 3 on the DS, I think that's one I would definitely go for. Space Invaders Extreme looks good. Maybe Lego Batman. I'd consider PES 2009 but would need to know that it would be signifcantly better than FIFA 09.

As for my PSP, I've considered selling it and the games to fund the purchase of a new LCD TV for connecting to my 360, but am going to stick with it and looking to pick up a couple of more titles for it and maybe trade in a few of the current titles...

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