Saturday, 30 August 2008

Post-holiday update

Was away again last week and again I packed up my PSP and my DS to take with me. I didn't anticipate spending much time playing games as I have an exam next week that I spent most of my free time revising for. In the few moments I did play, I stuck to the PSP and Pro Evolution Soccer 6.

Which I am beginning to thoroughly detest! I've tried FIFA 08 on the PSP too and that is no better, so I am thinking of turning to football games on the humble DS for my fix. The question is, do I plump for FIFA 08 now at £12 or do I wait five weeks and shell out £25 for FIFA 09?

Of course, switching from the PSP to the DS for my football game re-ignites the debate over whether I need to keep my PSP...

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Post-Birthday update

I turned 33 last week and got myself a few new games...

Actually, most of my presents were DVDs or Blu-ray discs, with a couple of other things thrown in. I did, however, get a £25 Game voucher, which has been spent as follows:

Guilty Gear Core - Wii
Iron Man - Wii
Bleach - DS

As well as these purchases I took the wrapping off the DS version of Speed Racer that I had bought a while back and had been saving for my next holiday. Fantastic little game, highly recommended! In fact the only other game that got played all week was Lego Star Wars on my DS. I had packed my PSP but it never even came out of my bag, which does make me wonder if it's time to sell it on?

At present I only have six games for it (with two more in a "To Trade/Sell" pile) which are as follows:

Everybody's Golf
MegaMan Powered Up
Tekken Dark Resurrection
Killzone Liberation
Worms Open Warfare 2
Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Now for me it makes sense to have these games and a PSP as none of those titles could be done as well on the DS as they are on PSP. So if I am going to sell it I will have to consider life without these games.

Worms can be easily replaced with the DS version, even though I feel it's an inferior version. I'd have to investigate the newer versions of Tiger Woods on the DS for my golf fix, likewise FIFA to replace Pro Evo, or the DS version of Pro Evo for that matter! MegaMan would probably be passed on to Player Boy who is expecting to unwrap a PSP for Xmas this year. Whilst it's not really the same thing I have Bleach on my DS which could replace Tekken, or I could pick up Ultimate Mortal Kombat, although again it's not the same thing and would really be a pretty poor substitute for what I think is one of the best PSP games. Killzone is another one that I can't think of a direct replacement for...

But if I keep it, what could I buy for it? Off the top of my head I can think of:

Space Invaders Extreme
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron

Or maybe I could mod it to run homebrew, emulators and such? Hmmm...