Sunday, 19 October 2008

More possible purchases!

I've been trawling Metacritic and looking up prices on the CEX website again and have come up with a couple more possibles to pick up...

Spider-Man 2 (PSP) has a few good reviews and I could do with bolstering my selection of PSP titles. The last one I picked up was Heatseeker, but have since traded in PES 6 so I currently have only 7 games for my PSP.

Spider-Man 3 (360) looking through the review scores and quotes on Metacritic this seems to have really divided opinions! Highest score is a 95% and the lowest is 30%! I think I'll give it a try, especially as it seems to be available at CEX for under a tenner!

Syphon Filter (PSP) there are actually two Syphon Filter titles on the PSP and I'm happy to pick up whichever one I can find cheapest. Tried a demo a little while back and was fairly impressed and I'm quite in the mood for this sort of game now, with a very secret agent-y plot and everything!

I've picked up a cheap 360 copy of Marvel Ultimate Alliance on 360 so will be trading my Wii version that I couldn't get into due to the controls. MUA will now be a hot contender for weekend morning games with Player Boy when we complete Halo 3 which we started yesterday...

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