Wednesday, 5 November 2008


It's less than two weeks until November 19th and the arrival of NXE, the new 360 dashboard software. I have to say it really is pretty amazing that a console that is already well into it's life-span is receiving such a major overhaul to it's software. Yes, a lot of it is cosmetic stuff and/or ripped off from elsewhere, but it's still interesting and fun.

One of the major new features is the option to install games to the hard drive, which will slightly speed up load times and keep the noise down at the same time. Fantastic! However, with the average install being around 6 Gb, having plenty of hard drive space is more important than ever!

Which is why I wanted to upgrade to a 120 Gb drive. I did post here about a DIY upgrade, but have decided instead to get a pre-owned drive from CEX. I've used the "Sell to CEX" feature on their website to trade a number of games which exactly totals the £65 it costs to buy a pre-owned 120 Gb drive from them. I've also ordered the drive transfer kit (£3) from them so once I am finished I will have a spare 20 Gb drive to sell or trade.

With the proceeds from the sale/trade I have an eye on Assassin's Creed for my 360...

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