Saturday, 3 January 2015

Yet MORE Fantasy Life stuff!

A few more items for you:

Honey PuddingReveria
Butler's OutfitAt your service
Cute OutfitCutie pie
Dancer's OutfitLady of the ball
Dragon Tamer CostumeDragon tamer
Spring Indoor Decoration SetSpring flowers
Spring Outdoor Decoration SetLife in bloom
Mysterious CostumeAbracadabra
Elegant OutfitCute chic
Frilly OutfitFrilliant!
Cacto CostumePrickly poser
Ninja CostumeVanishing act
Fluffkin CostumeFluffkin facade
Plushling CostumePlushling parade
Princely OutfitPrincely threads
Snowman CostumeSlippery snowman
Laura's HatLaura lookalike
Yuelia's OutfitAll of a flutter
Teddy BearYummy honey bear
Cuddly Sea TurtleTimid turtle

That's all for now!

MORE Fantasy Life stuff!

Some more codes for free stuff in Fantasy Life for 3DS!

Like before, speak to the Password Clerk in the Post Office. Again these are from tweets by Nintendo of Europe:

(Note for above, actual passwords are "Fiery fiend", "Toil and trouble", "Trick or treat?" and "Jack-o'-Lantern"!) (Note for above, actual password is "Fun in the sun") (Note for above, actual password is "Seasick sailors")

Fantasy Life!

My daughter and I have a new 3DS-based obsession, Fantasy Life! We both received copies for Christmas and are loving it.

If you're enjoying it too, you can get bonus content from the Password Clerk in the Post Office from the following tweets from Nintendo of Europe: