Sunday, 9 November 2008

Left 4 Dead

I got hold of a demo for Left 4 Dead for the 360 late Friday night and it is utterly awesome! I spent a bit of time agonising over whether to go for the 360 version (£30) or the PC version (£20) and eventually settled on the PC version and ordered it from Amazon. Really looking forward to it, just have to convince Player Two to get a copy too so we can fight the zombie horde in co-op!

Player Boy has shown a sudden interest in FIFA! I think this was prompted by us playing on a 360 demo pod in HMV which was running Pro Evo Soccer 2009 while we were away on our hols. It's prompted me to order a copy of FIFA 09 for the Wii, which will have simpler controls and more family-friendly features in comparison to the 360 version.

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