Sunday, 28 September 2008

FIFA 09... What a turnaround!

"Well Brian, the Wii version was playing a bit of a blinder early doors and looked to have this sewn up in the closing stages, but it's a game of two halves and the 360 version has come from nowhere, knocked in a couple of pearlers and blow me down he's taken it!"

Yes... after much pontificating about the merits of the Wii version of FIFA 09 and how disappointed I was that the Be-A-Pro offline multiplayer mode seemed to be missing from the 360 version I have changed my mind. My Wii pre-order has been cancelled and I have ordered the 360 version instead.

So, you may be asking, what prompted this action? GamesMaster. Yes, GamesMaster. I picked up a copy of the latest issue for some reading over the weekend and it included a review of the 360 version of FIFA 09. After digesting that I turned the page and skimmed through a review of the PS2 version. There I spotted the following line; "The Be A Pro mode allows you (and up to three friends, should they fancy it) to take control of a single player each and to build up their stats as you guide their career to glorious new heights..." I theorised that if multiplayer Be-A-Pro is available in the PS2 version, it MUST be in the 360 version!

So while I prey that I am correct in my theory, and I continue to scour the net for evidence to back it up, I am also feverishly hoping that my pre-order lands on my doormat on release day, October 3rd...

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