Friday, 27 June 2008

Super Smash Bros BRAWL!

Picked up Super Smash Bros BRAWL for the Wii today at Toys R Us. I was originally planning to trade in a couple of other Wii games to pay for this, but TRU had it at the bargain-tastic price of £28.72, so I decided to save the trade-ins for another time.

I'm aware that the price breaks the £25 limit I talked about recently, but like Super Mario Galaxy, it's not far over the limit and it's such a bargain anyway that it had to be done!

Yesterday, Alone In The Dark arrived for my 360. I was really excited about this game, but reviews have been decidedly mixed and have knocked my enthusiasm somewhat. I got the game as a freebie with a magazine subscription, so I thought it would be a bargain, but it has arrived with a big "PROMOTIONAL COPY NOT FOR RESALE" across the front and with no manual. BAH!

I also recently received Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence for my PS2, but that is definitely on hold until after I complete MGS1 and MGS2!

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