Monday, 29 June 2009

My Sims or yours?

So MySims Racing hasn't been getting reviews quite as good as I was hoping, so it's slipped off my "To Buy" list into the "Will Pick Up Cheap If I See It One Day" list, which apart from anything else, has a far less snappy title.

Speaking of Sims, I am finding myself increasingly curious about Sims 3, to the point that I may just pick it up. I've never played any of the Sims games previously and to be honest I have been quite dismissive of them, despite following early development closely. I was interested in how far you could take things in the game... could you REALLY do everything you wanted? And when the final game was released it didn't seem to meet with my expectations, so I ignored it. I was then galled to see it racing to the top of the charts along with a flurry of expansion packs and sequels, all geared to what I considered the "non-gamers". Well, hopefully such snobby behaviour is behind me now and as I say, I may just pick this one up...

In other news, a recent flurry of eBay sales (with likely more to come) has seen me build up a bit of a pot towards the purchase of Batman Arkham Asylum. I'm planning on going for the Collector's Edition on XBox360, probably from Game to get the bonus Crime Alley map... not to mention points on my reward card and Quidco cashback!

I've also traded a few games recently on Goozex, which I highly recommend. I've just had notification that someone wants The Outfit (a good game, but just didn't grab me) from me and in return it looks like I will be receiving Sonic Adventure DX on GameCube and possibly (trade not yet confirmed!!) Ultimate Spider-Man on GameCube.

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