Wednesday, 14 January 2009


With SF2THD Remix already on my 360 and with Street Fighter IV just around the corner I really want one or two arcade sticks to play the games (and possibly other beat em ups) with.

I'm in the midst of doing some research and hoping to use 2 old GameCube arcade sticks I have. For some reason neither of them will work on the Wii so they are pretty much useless as is, but could be useful for this project.

Scouring the net is providing me with a fair bit of detail, so I figured I would throw it all together here.

This link is about using a Mad Catz Arcade GameStick and a PS1 pad to create an arcade stick that will work on 360 AND PS1/PS2 and presumably PS3. Personally I am just looking for something that will work on my 360 and PC, but a lot of the info and especially the diagrams are helpful.

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