Tuesday, 16 December 2008

I bet you thought I'd forgotten you, eh?

I've been a bit remiss with the updates over the past 3 weeks or so, so let me do a bit of catching up now.

First I've traded in a fair few games and purchased a few more, mostly with credit from traded games I hasten to add! Recent acquisitions include:

Fable 2 (360)
Far Cry 2 (360)
Fallout 3 (360)
Kane & Lynch (360)
Warhammer Battle March (360)
Warhammer 40,000 Squad Command (PSP)
Red Alert 3 (PC)

I've yet to start on any of the 3 F's (Fallout 3, Fable 2, Far Cry 2) but they were all less than half price, so too good to pass up. I'm sure they will come in to play soon. Speaking of which I've recently been playing a bit of Kane & Lynch having snapped it up for about £7 from Amazon. I'm liking it a lot so far, would like to give the co-op a whirl with Player Two some time.

One game Player Two and I have played is Red Alert 3 on PC, although our skirmish mode game failed to conclude due to a network failure, we were thoroughly enjoying it up to that point. One of the things I love about the C&C games is how they've never over complicated themselves. So many other RTS games have introduced a lot of interesting advances, like waypoints, multiple resources, etc., but C&C have stuck to their original template and while the games arguably lack some of the sophistication of things like Supreme Commander, I think they are better for it in a pick-up-and-play sense.

I thought it might be interesting to re-visit my list of games I was looking forward to to see what, if anything has changed:

Fable II - Purchased, yet to play as am still playing Fable-TLC!

Gears of War 2 - I believe Player Mum has bought me this for Xmas!

Spider-Man Web of Shadows - Reviewed poorly, doubt I will pick it up now.

Quantum of Solace - Didn't get great reviews but I will likely pick up the 360 version at some point when I see it cheap!

Resident Evil 5 - I tried the recent demo and was not overly impressed, in fact it made my question my GC/Wii Resident Evil collection and whether I should cash them in like I did with the MGS titles not too long ago.

Street Fighter IV - Have pre-ordered the "vanilla" version, but if I see a good price on the Limited Edition version I quite fancy that.

Halo Wars - Looking great. Player Boy and I are nearing the end of Halo 3 now and I know he is a bit gutted that this has no split-screen two-player mode, so I suspect he may be hoping for a 360 of his own next year so we can link up to play this. The way prices are dropping I think that is a distinct possibility for next Xmas!

Halo 3 ODST - Formerly Halo 3 Recon, this is looking better and better. I was worried that due to the story structure that it might be missing co-op, but that doesn't seem to be the case so I think me and Player Boy will be playing through this together as we've been doing with the other 3 Halo titles. Not due until this time next year though, yikes!

There's not too much to say about the others, so I'll just briefly list them:

Bionic Commando
Batman Arkham Asylum
Alpha Protocol
Splinter Cell Conviction
Tom Clancy's HAWX
Halo - Untitled Peter Jackson Project

Off to tackle a few matches in FIFA 09 now...

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