Saturday, 30 August 2008

Post-holiday update

Was away again last week and again I packed up my PSP and my DS to take with me. I didn't anticipate spending much time playing games as I have an exam next week that I spent most of my free time revising for. In the few moments I did play, I stuck to the PSP and Pro Evolution Soccer 6.

Which I am beginning to thoroughly detest! I've tried FIFA 08 on the PSP too and that is no better, so I am thinking of turning to football games on the humble DS for my fix. The question is, do I plump for FIFA 08 now at £12 or do I wait five weeks and shell out £25 for FIFA 09?

Of course, switching from the PSP to the DS for my football game re-ignites the debate over whether I need to keep my PSP...

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